SAT & ACT Programs

Our SAT and ACT programs are the most effective standardized test programs out there, as it specializes in finding the areas that your student needs to improve in by allowing a one to one setting rather than following a preset curriculum that may or may not address the areas they struggle in.

While many companies boast the handful of perfect scores their students have received, we take pride in the improvement of all of our students who have consistently increased their overall score on the SAT by a minimum of 50% closer to a perfect score!

We do not just focus on teaching students testing techniques, rather we work on conceptual understanding of the material covered by the makers of these tests as well as other methods to improve SAT & ACT test scores. Our approach to teaching these programs can help improve the overall ability of your student in all their academic endeavors.

SAT/ACT Packages

We have three different packages available.


10 hours, 5 Tests 20 hours, 9 Tests 30 hours, 12 Tests

All SAT/ACT courses are scheduled in a 2 hour block, once a week.

Before starting our program, each student must complete a full length test, provided by Berktree Learning. After the test has been completed, our Director will meet with each family, review the results and discuss possible options for improving the student’s weaknesses and pinpoint their strengths.

All students must complete a full length exam in between each tutoring session. This exam must be completed in the same manner and condition that the SAT/ACT is offered. We believe that the best way to help your student be successful on their test date is by having them continuously practice the methods we teach them.

While this process can be time consuming, we guarantee our ability to track and improve the overall results the student receives from our program. While many students may have little to no homework in most programs, our program requires that students spend approximately 10 hours a week doing work on areas we identify and focus on each week. Generally this consists of a list of vocabulary words, an essay, occasional research, more practice problems and the completion of a full length exam in the manner the test is presented. This in itself is about 4 hours with a ten minute break.

The purpose of this exercise is purely in the physical training, which requires students to sit through this exam and maintain focus, while at the same time demonstrating the content knowledge or lack thereof. Our tutors then look at the results of this practice and establish the next session based on them.

The tutor reviews the exam taken by checking any math content missed or skipped, as well as reviewing common areas of concern and lessons based on them. Generally we cover 2 out of the 3 areas on the test during the session. Homework is then assigned accordingly.


What are the costs of these packages?

SAT/ACT packages are priced between $800 – $2250. This includes a $50 material fee. The exact cost depends on which package you select to use. We offer all sessions in our office in Aliso Viejo, or for a nominal fee we can meet in your home.

Do you guarantee results?

We do not have control over your student’s behavior outside our sessions, so there is no way for us to know that he or she followed all the advice and work given in the manner requested. This makes it difficult for us to guarantee the individual results of your student, which is why we require mandatory meetings with the students and their guardians to explain the rigorous work load and assess the students desire to participate in our program. We reserve the right to refuse service to those who do not make this commitment.

Can we share a tutor with another student?

While we do offer this as a cheaper alternative (25% OFF), we highly suggest against it as no two students are alike. By having to accommodate another student we will be spending less time on improving your student’s score.