Homework Club

Every student is different, and the needs of every family likewise differ. While some students need the whole attention of a specialized tutor to help achieve success, other students may just need the simplicity of a comfortable place to study where they can get a little bit of help. For this reason, we have created the after-school Homework Club program, which is designed to allow students to come into our facility for brief periods of time, and get help on homework over an expansive spread of subject matters.

This program can make up the small difference within grades, as students have a chance to fill in the missing gaps in knowledge, and spend the requisite of time needed to properly study for the grade they desire.

  • Make Homework Enriching and Fun
  • Scheduled Homework Time Means Homework is Done
  • Peace of Mind When You Get Home
  • More Family Time Instead of Homework Time
  • Works Well With Demanding Extra Curricular Activity
  • Emphasizes Study Habits, Organization, and Hard Work
  • 3:1 Student-Teacher Ratio, max