Home-Schooling & Independent Study

In today’s competitive environment and struggling school-systems, it’s difficult for students to find alternative paths to their academic goals. Whether it’s the student’s need to take a required class ahead of schedule,  re-take a class , or take classes flexible to a student’s scheduling needs, Berktree Learning offers services which can help your student excel.

Our independent study and home schooling instruction, which can be conducted at home or at our facilities, offers WASC approved and accredited courses that can supplement or replace the regimen of classes offered at any school. In other words, your student can take classes to get ahead of the curve (or catch up to the curve) at their convenience, and in a one-on-one setting. These classes can be taken as an after-school or summer-school class, or through an entire package of classes over the course of months, much like a home-schooling program.

Currently we are able to work with over 10 different home-school programs including curriculums through Bringham Young University, University of Missouri, University of Florida, University of North Dakota and local programs like CHOOSE, K12, and other district approved programs.

  • Make Learning Enriching and Fun
  • No More Organizational Nightmares
  • Peace of Mind That The Student Will Learn
  • Healthy Environment for Your Student
  • Works Great With Demanding Extra Curricular Activities
  • No More Arguing About School Work
  • Emphasizes Study Habits and Hard Work
  • Mentorship
  • 1:1 Student-Teacher Ratio